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Underfloor Heating Manchester

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Looking to install underfloor heating in your home?

Our Greater Manchester-based underfloor heating installation services are used by homeowners in and around Cheshire and the surrounding areas. We have installed underfloor heating in Stockport, Salford, Trafford and Bury homes -- to name a few. Whether you want to know the cost of underground heating in Manchester and would like a quote, or you simply want to find out more about the benefits of underfloor heating, First Choice Extension’s team of experienced specialists are perfectly-positioned to help, with years of experience under their belts. Call our underfloor heating specialists now to find out more and get a free quote.

Looking for an underfloor heating cost calculator? Use our design and planning cost calculator for a detailed, personalised estimate.

Underfloor heating for new builds

UFH is cost-effective and simple to install as part of a new build project, fitting neatly into the build schedule.

UFH installation comes in at a similar price to installing new traditional radiator systems. This means those building new properties can benefit from a far superior heating system without paying extra.

As a low-temperature heating system, UFH is incredibly efficient in the well-insulated environment of a new build, using little energy, and is also perfectly suited to renewable heat sources, like heat pumps.


It’s simple to install warm water UFH in a renovation project with LoPro®. All systems in the range are simply laid on top of an existing floor, are low profile with as little as 15mm height build-up, and offer the highest heat outputs on the market.

UFH can be easily installed in a range of extension and conversion projects. Our team of specialist can work with you to add UFH into any new or ongoing project, whether it's a conservatory extension or loft conversion. They will include this in the design and planning of your project as well as factoring it into a cost estimate.

Underfloor heating for every home

Whether you are looking to include UFH in all or part of your home, we will design your system to keep every room at just the right temperature. With a wide range of tried and tested UFH systems to choose from, you can be confident that we have the right solution for your property.

Key Features

  • Suitable for almost any floor structure or covering.
  • Underfloor heating efficiency - Warm water underfloor heating uses far lower flow temperatures than a radiator system. Because it covers a much larger surface area it is still able to heat the room effectively. For this reason, warm water underfloor heating is around 25% more efficient than radiators.
  • Hidden heating solution - Underfloor heating is an ‘invisible’ heating system as the tube is hidden beneath the floor. This frees up wall space, ideal for open plan living and rooms such as kitchens where space is at a premium.
  • Wet underfloor heating is safe - Warm water underfloor heating has no exposed hot or sharp edges – a safe option for young children and the elderly.
  • Warm feet, luxuriously comfy - With underfloor heating, the heat gently emits upwards from the floor. This gives the luxurious feel of warm feet and a cool head without any cold spots common with radiators.


Our team of experienced UFH heating engineers are adept at finding heating solutions suited to a range of lifestyles and situations.

Whether you're searching for plumbers/electricians to help install the best quality underfloor heating system in your Cheshire new-build, or you are adding an extension to your home and simply want to know how much UFH costs to add into a conservatory, we can help. At First Choice Extensions, we are proud to provide the highest standard of product and service when it comes to home renovations and builds. We have served the Cheshire and Greater Manchester regions of the North West for several years, including with our UFH installation services.

Our services include the following areas:

  • Manchester central and South Manchester (including Didsbury, Chorlton, Withington and Wythenshawe)
  • Stockport (including Bramhall, Cheadle, Hazel Grove and Marple)
  • Salford and surrounding areas (including Eccles, Worsley, Swinton and Walkden)
  • Bury (including Prestwich and Ramsbottem)
  • Warrington (including Lymm and Streton)
  • Trafford and surrounding areas (including Altrincham, Stretford, Hale and Sale)

Frequently asked Questions about Manchester underfloor heating, click to

Electric underfloor heating vs. water underfloor heating - what's the difference?

There are two main forms of underfloor heating used in homes. The first of these is electric underfloor heating, which is often called a dry system. The second is hydronic underfloor system, which uses water to heat it. This is often referred to as wet under floor heating.

The two are similar, as they have the same effect. However, they both have their pros and cons.

Electric UFH is generally more expensive than wet underfloor heating systems. However, it is also much cheaper and faster to install. Because of this, dry systems tend to be opted for in smaller areas, where builders are on a budget.

Hydronic UFH, on the other hand, is more costly to install initially, but in the long-run will save homeowners a significant amount of money.

Generally speaking, UFH wet floor screeds are thought to be more efficient and of a more high standard than electric screeds.

What type of underfloor heating system is the best?

Screeded wet underfloor heating systems are the most popular types of UFH, and are generally considered to be the best quality. Liquid screed UFH refers to a 'hyrdonic system' -- one which uses water to heat it rather than electricity.

Wet underfloor heating is more efficient than other kinds of heating system. Compared to traditional radiators, UFH is 25% more efficient when paired with a modern condensing boiler and 40% more efficient when it is run from a heat pump. This is because (unlike a gas or oil boiler) a heat pump generates hot water at a lower temperature. This helps to keep heating costs down.

Another benefit of using hydronic UFH systems is that they can be easily coupled with renewable heating methods. This includes solar thermal energy and heat source pumps.

Hydronic underfloor heating can be coupled with renewable heating sources such as solar thermal and air source heat pumps.