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Slimline Roof Lanterns - Manchester & The North West

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Looking to buy roof lanterns for a Cheshire or Greater Manchester home renovation? Our Slimline® roof lantern is officially the slimmest on the UK market and the only one with the option of an opening roof vent. Our electrically-operated version even comes with automatic climate control, so you just set your desired temperature and your Slimline vent will do the rest.

This is a great option for kitchen, living spaces and extensions – the vents provide fresh air and cooling without the need to open any doors or windows. With seals that are 80% deeper than competitors, you can be sure that the risk of condensation is also minimised. Whether you need roof lanterns for kitchen extensions, loft conversions or a new home build, our Slimline lanterns are ideal for any space. Call us today on 01625 885030 to find out more about our range and our stress-free fitting options.

Key Features

  • With its raised apex, this elegant roof lantern is designed to make a statement. We’ve even been awarded a trademark to recognise our achievement in creating the slimmest lantern on the market.
  • Our Slimline® roof lantern combines sturdy, insulated construction with a clean, contemporary aesthetic.
  • Its super-slim glazing bars and ultra-thin, aluminium-capped glazing joints result in clean lines, increased glass surface with minimal frame interruptions.
  • Watch our short comparison video to see why it is unique in the market.
  • We manufacture all of our products in-house, allowing us to build your new lantern to your exact specifications.

Roof Lanterns in Manchester and the North West

FC extensions serves regions around the North West, and has previously worked with homeowners to fit roof lanterns for kitchen extensions and a range of other extension and conversion projects in the following areas:

  • Central and South Manchester - including Manchester city centre, Hulme, Fallowfield, Burnage Didsbury, Chorlton and Wilmslow
  • Salford, Eccles, Clifton, Monton, Worsley, and Walkden
  • Stockport - including Bramall, Bredbury, Marple, Lymm and Hazel Grove
  • Bury, Prestwich, Ramsbottom and Radcliffe
  • Trafford, Stretford, Altrincham, Timperley, Hale and Sale

Main Features

  • Choose your size, RAL colour, vent options, remote control & glazing
  • Best In Class U-value of only 0.7 w/m2k
  • FREE insulated upstand & 20-year unit seal warranty
  • Modular assembly, so there is no need to hire a crane

Frequently asked Questions about Manchester Slimline Roof Lanterns, click to

Do roof lanterns lose heat?

‘U-value’ is the word used to describe an object or property’s ability to lose or retain heat. Some people are concerned about whether to fit roof lanterns into homes because some varieties have a low U-value, meaning they cause a lot of heat to be lost. This is because hot air rises and is easily lost through skylights and roof vents.

However, slimline roof lanterns have a much better thermal efficiency than their competitors. The design uses ultra-thin glazing bars, and the materials used in the frames allow for maximum insulation, meaning minimal heat loss. What’s more, our Cheshire-made slimline vents use unique electronically enhanced, climate-control technologies. Their vents are designed to open and close depending on the temperature outside; you can simply input your ideal room temperature and the vents will automatically adjust to ensure this is regulated.

In the winter, the design of the vents means that there is minimal gapping in the framework, which means heat can be kept inside and a warm temperature can be maintained by the lanterns.

How much do roof lanterns cost?

At FC Extensions, we make bespoke roof lanterns. Manchester and North West homeowners opt to have these installed, often as part of a wider extension project such as a conservatory or kitchen extension. Next, we create and deliver made-to-order lanterns, designed to perfectly fit their space and style requirements.

Because of the bespoke nature of our Slimline roof lanterns, their cost varies. However, a rough estimate to fit skylights in Manchester and surrounding areas is between £2,200 - £3,300.

The final price of a roof lantern in the North of England depends on a number of factors. These include the size, shape and style of the skylight.

What are the pros and cons of roof lanterns?

Installing roof lanterns in your home has many benefits. These include:

  • Making a statement - skylights are a great way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. In lofts, living rooms and kitchens they catch people’s attention and also improve the value of many Greater Manchester properties.
  • Increased natural light and space - roof lanterns are an ideal way to add light to a room. They let in direct sunlight from the sky, which isn’t obstructed by other buildings or structures. They are ideal additions to darker and smaller areas, and can make loft spaces especially look much bigger than they are.
  • Solar heating - allowing direct sunlight into homes, roof skylights are a great way to add solar heat into living spaces, especially during the winter months. This is an ideal way to bring down your energy costs.
  • Regulated temperatures - Slimline roof lanterns use technologies which regulate the temperature of your home. Their unique design allows you to control your climate, by inputting a chosen temperature and allowing the vents to do all the work for you.

A con of some brands of skylights is that they can decrease the U-value of homes. This can mean a lot of heat is lost through the roof area, which makes living areas colder and increases energy costs. Fortunately, Slimline roof lanterns have a much higher thermal efficiency than other skylights. They are built using ultra-slim glazing pains and use the best insulation materials to ensure minimal heat loss.

Do roof lanterns need planning permission?

Usually, planning permission is not required for a roof lantern installation in Manchester or the North West of the UK. This is provided that homeowners follow permitted development regulations, which state that skylights do not extend more than 150mm above the sloping plane of the property’s existing roof. They must also be no higher than the highest part of the roof to be built without obtaining planning permission.