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Composite Garden Decking

Composite Decking is an Environmentally-Sourced Modern Alternative to Traditional Timber Decking.

Designed for durability against scratching, staining & fading. FSC certified Forma boards are completely encapsulated in an impermeable polymer layer making it ideal for high traffic application.


Features & Benefits

  • Premium composite range.
  • Available in six broad colours.
  • Carefully designed and considered for the UK market.
  • The spectrum of colours is: Argent, Flint, Silver Birch, Spiced Oak, Havana and Industry.
  • The versatility of the Forma boards is apparent through the dual surface which can be laid either way up to reveal a natural wood grain or wide groove when overturned. This dual surface also allows you to create an interesting and unique feature such as a contrasting picture frame effect within your deck when mixing the use of sides.
  • Maintenance free.
  • UV colour stable, remaining consistent in colour for the 25 years guaranteed period.
  • Hard wearing so ideal Ideal for high traffic areas with heavy furniture without marking but also stain resistant so no need to worry about oily barbecues or other substances that stain timber.
  • Simple to install. We have a screw-free finish using our t-clip fixing system with creates uniform spacing between each board to allow for expansion and contraction.


Indian Stone

We install and supply a large range of high quality Indian Sandstone. There are a vast field of colours in multiple textures to accommodate all needs.

We take pride in the nature of our products, so much so, we import all of our Sandstone directly from India.


Kandla Grey Riven
Kandla Grey Smooth
Raj Green Riven
Raj Green Smooth
Rippon Riven
Rippon Smooth
Autumn Brown Riven
Fossil Buff Sandblasted
Setts Example
Setts Example
Sleepers Example
Sleepers Example

Product Information

  • Kandla Grey Indian Stone - Kandla Grey Patio Grade paving is a stylish Indian Stone product and which can add sophistication to any setting. The chic Kandla Grey colour is a soft variation of mid to light grey tones. When weathered, this stone can sometimes produce warm brown/copper and dark grey colourations adding to the overall character.
  • Raj Green Indian Stone - Raj Green Patio Grade paving is a classic, discreet Indian Stone product and one of our most popular sellers. The subtle Raj Green colour complements any surrounding area, and closely resembles reclaimed UK Yorkstone. The colours within Raj Green vary predominantly between green and brown shades. The stone is not all green!
  • Rippon Indian Stone - The natural and variegated colour of our Rippon Indian Stone paving can vary from pale greys and browns right through to dramatic slate greys and purples, making it the perfect choice for all seasons.
  • Autumn Brown Indian Stone - The Autumn Brown pavings understated colour lends itself to most locations blending in and adding warmth with its varied and subtle brown tones.
  • Fossil Buff Indian Stone - Fossil Buff is a delicate and refined mix of hues with a predominance of browns and greens. Its mix of shades makes it ideal for use in any setting from patios to pathways.
  • Setts - Setts are a neat way to finish off a garden. They have many uses and really give your garden some added style
  • Sleepers - Railway sleepers, now used as a landscaping decoration, are a fantastic way to neaten off your garden. They have many uses and will suit any environment.
  • Fencing - You wouldn't redecorate a room without thinking about the wallpaper! A garden fence is exactly the same. Although the main focus of a garden is its contents e.g. the grass, the paving, the plants, the decking, there's always going to be a fence keeping the whole thing together. What you decide to do with that fence can make massive improvements to the appearance of your garden. We offer a variety of different fence types and styles from perimeter fencing for security to fence panels and custom made timber horizontal slats.