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Aluminium bifold doors are one of the most popular home improvements we offer. Buy bi fold doors to bring light and space into your home while providing easy access to your outside area.

We stock a range of bi folding doors in Manchester which we have fitted in many Greater Manchester and Cheshire homes. Whether you live in Stockport or Salford, we can help you fit bi fold doors into your house.

Our range includes internal folding doors, as well as aluminium bifold doors for gardens and outdoor areas. Our Cheshire bi-fold doors are manufactured from dedicated profiles designed by Smart Systems, one of the UK’s leading architectural aluminium system suppliers. Smart’s Visofold series of aluminium bifold doors have been available in the UK and Europe for a number of years offering both domestic and commercial folding door applications.

Flexible Options

Searching for made to measure bifold doors in Manchester and the surrounding areas? Our aluminium bifolding doors are manufactured from slim 60mm thermally broken profiles to ensure maximum glass widths can be achieved using the minimum number of panels. These materials are ideal for internal bifold doors, as it allows for more natural light and unobstructed views of the outside world. There are no additional mullions required between the panels that broaden the sight lines so when panels are folding and sliding in the same direction, the width of the aluminium from edge of glass to edge of glass is just 132mm. The use of aluminium on our glass bifold doors is ideal in Manchester and the North of England, as it is durable and weather-resistant; perfect for rainy and cold spells.

Handle Options

The door handles for our bifold doors in Manchester are lever handles. These operate using a hook bolt locking system and provide external key access whilst intermediate panel shoot bolt locking is operated by internal fold-flat handles. Handles are available in white, chrome or black finishes but can be supplied to any RAL colour at extra cost. Please note that the style of traffic door handles will differ when RAL colour handles are specified. ‘D’ handles (black or chrome only) are fitted to the hinges of the intermediate panels to allow easy opening and closing of the folding doors. The handles of our aluminium bifolding doors mean that you are able to easily open the door from inside and out, making the transition between spaces smooth and simple.

Low Threshold Option

Our experienced team have fitted hundreds of folding doors in Cheshire homes, including those which require a low threshold. The Visofold 1000 aluminium bifolding doors feature strong, durable profiles and a choice of low or weathered thresholds. The non-weathered low threshold provides the opportunity to create flush floor levels between two living spaces by sinking the threshold into the floor and merging the two floor areas into one. This is particularly useful for room dividers or for doors installed between the main house and conservatory where they are often left open most of the time. Our made-to-measure bifold doors are designed to suit a range of needs and spaces. Contact us on [] to find out how our team can help you if you are looking to fit bifolding doors in Greater Manchester.

Areas we Cover

We service clients in Greater Manchester and around Cheshire and the North West, and we have fit bi fold doors into homes in several areas. These include:

  • Bifolding doors in Altrincham, Hale, Sale & Stretford
  • Folding doors in Stockport (including Bramhall, Cheafle, Pynton, and Parrs Wood)
  • Bifold doors in Lymm, Dunham Massey and Broomedge
  • Bi-folding doors in Wilmslow & Alderley Edge

Main Features of our Cheshire Bifolding Doors

Our bi-fold doors are high-quality, durable and made-to-measure. With several features that make them stand out from the competition, our folding doors include the following main features:

  • Ultra slim sight lines of just 132mm
  • Aluminium Profiles provide security and slim sight lines
  • Low Threshold Option
  • Polyamide Thermal Break for superior insulation
  • High Performance Weatherseals
  • Internally glazed for high security
  • 28mm Clear Toughened STAYCOOL Double Glazing 1.1 U-value
  • Optional integral blinds available
  • Solar Control Glass 57% Heat Reflection 35% Glare Reduction
  • Traffic doors on some styles enable ease of use in the winter
  • Available in many different RAL colours with dual colour option
  • High security locking on traffic doors and intermediate door sashes
  • Doors can be specified to fold inwards or outwards and slide left or right

Frequently Asked Questions, click to

What is a bifold door?

Bi folding doors use a hinge mechanism that allows them to fold in on themselves when they open, rather than swinging or sliding open like other doors. They are an ideal option for those who want to let more natural light in from the outside, as they have larger glass panels than traditional swing doors. They also create easier access between spaces, and are commonly used to open out spaces between kitchens, conservatories and patio areas.

How much do bi-folding doors cost in Manchester?

The 2021 bifold door costs in Manchester and the North West vary depending on the size and material of the door.

Aluminium doors tend to be more expensive than wooden bifolding doors: the average cost for a timber bifold door is between £1,399-£3,469 while an aluminium folding door costs anywhere from £1,899-£5,699.

The size of the door also plays an important role in the final costs. The average price for a small bifold door (which is around 2.7m) is £600 approximately. The average price for a big bifold door (around 4.7m) is £950.

External vs internal folding doors: what’s the difference?

When people describe ‘external’ or ‘internal’ folding doors, they are describing the way that the folding mechanism works.

When you decide to buy a bifolding door for your home, you can either opt for one which stacks outwards (externally) or inwards (internally).

Homes with less space can benefit from opting for external stacking bi fold doors, as this allows for maximum space inside once the door is opened.

However, if your patio area is smaller or you use patio furniture that may be obstructed by the stacking, it may be better to choose internal bi fold doors instead.

What are standard bifold door sizes?

Bi-folding doors, including folding aluminium doors come in the following standard sizes:

  • 1.8m/6ft (usually containing 2 panels)
  • 2.1m/7ft (3 panels)
  • 2.4m/8ft (3 panels)
  • 2.7m (9ft) (3 panels)
  • 3.0(10ft) (4 panels)
  • 3.6m (12ft) (4 panels)
  • 4.0m (13ft) (4 panels)
  • 4.2m (14ft) (5 panels)
  • 4.8m (16ft) (5 panels)
  • 5m (16ft) (5 panels)
  • 6m (10ft) (6 panels)

Are bifold doors more expensive than sliding doors?

Broadly speaking, bi-folding doors tend to be more costly than sliding doors, though it depends on several factors such as the space, materials and location of the door itself.

Because bi-folding aluminium doors are made using more aluminium than standard sliding door models, this often makes them more expensive as a model.

However, bi-fold doors tend to be more durable and last longer, as the stacking mechanism used to open them is less prone to wear and tear and faults as those used in some sliding doors.

Bifolding doors also tend to cut costs for homeowners in the long term. This is because they use glazed panels of glass which keep the warmth in more effectively. This means that, once you have installed the door, the U-value (thermal efficiency) of your home will be better and you will save money on heating and electricity bills.

Are bi-folding doors worth it for small rooms?

A folding door is ideal in a smaller space, such as a conservatory or small kitchen. This is because it lets in more light from outdoor areas or windowed rooms. This can help to open up smaller spaces and drastically change the appearance of a room.

On patios, bi-folding doors have an advantage over French doors and traditional doorways, because they allow for a wider opening, which is also helpful if you plan to open up small rooms.

What does a bifold installation involve?

Fitting bi-fold doors can be a timely process, and it is important that fitters get each aspect right to ensure a high quality finish.

First Choice Extension’s steps for installing bifolding doors in Manchester include:

  • Preparing the opening
  • Assembling the door’s frame
  • Installing the assembled frame
  • Fitting the pivot hinges
  • Hanging the doors in place
  • Fitting the drop bolts
  • Fitting the locks and lever handles
  • Adjusting the door to ensure it fits in place and can be easily opened and closed
  • Fitting the door handles

Our experienced team will assess your opening and fit in a corresponding bifolding aluminium door. Our doors are made to measure your space, and we will ensure they are fit with a professional finish.

Do you sell glazed bifold doors?

We sell bifold double glazed doors, designed to keep the warmth in and improve the U-value (thermal efficiency) of your home.

Our range of bifold double glazed patio doors are ideal if you wish to create a larger entrance from your patio to your kitchen or conservatory as well as letting in more natural light, but you also don’t want to lose heat while doing this.

What are the different types of bi-fold doors in Greater Manchester?

We have worked on a range of projects involving bifolding doors; Manchester and Cheshire-based residents with varying sized homes and entrance-ways have chosen to have them installed during the renovation or extension process of a project.

These kinds of folding doors come in many different varieties, including:

  • External bifolding doors (like outside patio doors or outside conservatory doors)
  • Internal folding doors (also known as interior bifold doors)
  • Aluminium bi fold doors
  • Wooden folding doors (including timber bifold doors)
  • Glass bifold doors
  • UPVC bifold doors
  • Composite bifold doors

At First Choice Extensions, we specialise in supplying and fitting made-to-measure aluminium bifolding doors. These are durable and high quality, and can be used externally or internally as they are suitable for all weather conditions. These doors are created from slim 60mm thermally broken profiles to ensure maximum glass widths with a minimum number of panels can be achieved. This makes them ideal if you want to improve the thermal efficiency of your home.

Do Manchester bifold doors add value?

Bi-folding doors can add a significant amount of value to a property, with estimates saying that adding a folding door can increase the resale property value by between 5 and 10%.

Experts say that folding doors increase the ‘wow factor’ of a property, which is why they help to generate higher offer values.

What’s more, properties that include bi-folding door-ways in them have a much better thermal efficiency (which means they keep heat in more naturally and require less heating costs during cold months). This is often referred to as U-value. The U-value of a home helps to improve its overall value when it comes to resale.