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Whether you need help with a garage, attic, cellar, basement or loft conversion in Cheshire or Lancashire, First Choice Extensions is perfectly-positioned to help.

Our services span across the North West, and include the Greater Manchester regions. This means that, if you’re looking to convert a home in Manchester, our experienced team can help you. We’ve already conducted hundreds of successful conversion projects with happy clients around the North West -- from Stockport to Salford. These range from loft conversions in Cheshire, to cellar conversions in Manchester city centre, and everything in between.

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Loft Conversions Manchester

Loft conversions are a great way to add an extra bedroom and/or a bathroom into your living space thereby giving you the property that best fulfils your needs while removing the stress, time, and money involved in moving home. Our team of friendly, experienced house conversion builders in Manchester can help you with everything you need to convert your loft space.

Garage Conversions Manchester

Get a beautiful garage conversion and boost the value of your property. If you would like additional living space, but feel an extension is not suitable for your property, then First Choice Extensions could help you turn your garage space into something very special. Our garage conversions in the North West are an ideal option for those living in the region who want to maximise their space with an experienced team of professionals.

Cellar Conversions Manchester

For those that have disused cellars or basements in their homes, a conversion project is a great way to maximise space and improve the value of your home. Our team have undertaken several cellar conversions in Manchester and the North West, helping homeowners to build bedrooms, entertainment spaces and even gyms below their homes. If this is something you’re interested in, get in touch with our friendly team today for a quote.

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Home conversion costs in Manchester

If you’re approaching a new North-West based home conversion project, you might be wondering how much a home conversion costs in Manchester.

Different areas of the UK incur different costs when it comes to converting a loft, garage, basement or any other part of your home. For instance, there are planning permission fees to consider in some circumstances, as well as the cost of materials and labour.

According to recent 2021 estimates, Manchester home conversion costs are approximately ÂŁ30,000 - ÂŁ60,000, though complex projects can cost more.

The most popular type of loft conversion is a mansard loft conversion, which in the city of Manchester costs approximately ÂŁ34,500. As you move further away from the city centre, into Greater Manchester, these costs are likely to be lower -- assuming the conversion is the same size per square metre. Often though, as homes in suburban parts of the North West tend to be bigger, this can increase costs. We often find that the average conversion cost for a loft conversion Cheshire-way (like in Trafford, Stockport and Tameside) can cost more for this reason.

There are many variables that go into how much a loft conversion costs in Manchester in 2021. If you are considering undergoing a project at your home, try using our loft conversion cost calculator. This will take all your individual circumstances into account and generate a realistic cost estimate based on these.

How our loft conversion Cheshire specialists can help

Our team of loft conversion builders in Manchester and the North West are highly experienced. We have assisted clients with a range of complex conversion projects, on attics, basements and garages, which they’ve built for a range of purposes. Our services span the North West region, including Cheshire, Lancashire, and parts of Yorkshire (including Oldham).

Firstly, the First Choice Extensions team will work closely with you to determine your goals for the project. This includes finding out which space you are looking to convert, time constraints or deadlines, and your budget. They’ll then assess the scope of the project, and use this generate a realistic cost estimate. In doing this, they’ll consider material costs, planning costs, labour fees and anything else which needs to be factored in.

Which areas we cover

Our home conversion services cover Greater Manchester and surrounding areas.

Areas we cover include:
Central and South Manchester -- including Manchester City Centre, Didsbury, Chorlton, Withington and Fallowfield and Wythenshawe
Salford -- including the City of Salford, Eccles, Little Hulton,Worsley, Clifton, Irlam, Pendlebury, Cadishead, Walkden, Patricroft and Monton
Stockport -- including Bredbury, Bramhall, Gatley, Hazel Grove, Cheadle, Marple and Romiley Woodley
Bury -- including Prestwich, Toggington, Ramsbottom, Radcliffe, and Whitefield Extension
Trafford and Stretford -- including Altrincham, Bowden, Hale, Sale, Urmston and Partington
Oldham -- including Chadderton, Shaw and Crompton, Failsworth, Lees, Royton and Saddleworth

For more information on our garage and loft conversions in Cheshire, Lancashire and beyond, call us on 01625 885 030.

Previous North West garage conversion projects

At First Choice Extensions, we are proud to have been able to work on a number of successful garage conversions in Manchester and the North West.

Manchester garage conversions we’ve worked on:

Previous North West attic and loft conversion projects

We have worked on many different Manchester loft conversions. Cheshire, Lancashire and other regions of the North West include some of the locations our FC extensions team of planners and builders have visited.

Some examples of our Manchester attic conversions include:

Recent Projects

Frequently Asked Questions About Loft & Garage Conversions, click to

Which are the most popular loft conversions in Cheshire?

The most popular types of loft conversion in the North West, including Cheshire, include:

Flat roof rear dormer loft conversions. These kinds of loft conversions are popular with homeowners in Cheshire and other parts of the North West, because they five the most additional internal space when finished. This process of building a dormer loft extension involves building an additional structure onto the roof itself, using a timber structure. Rear dormers are the most common type of dormer extension or conversion, because they give more natural light and create a bigger floor area. Large French doors or windows are a common feature of finished converted spaces. From the outside a dormer attic extension will have a horizontal ceiling and vertical walls, which provide additional floor space.

Hip to gable conversions. Hip to gable is a popular style of home conversion, especially for North West homeowners whose houses don’t have much internal volume over their existing stairs. This kind of conversion project requires the property to have a sloping side roof (called a hipped roof), which slopes inwards. A hip to gable loft conversion changes the shape of this by extending the existing ridge and allowing for more space in the roof. This is ideal for Manchester homeowners who have minimal space above their stairs and who are looking to increase this to build an extra room in their home.

Velux to rooflight attic conversions. This type of attic conversion involves a window/skylight being installed into your loft. This type of conversion project is popular in Manchester and many other parts of the UK, because it is the cheapest and least disruptive way of converting your attic space. It does not involve altering the actual structure of your roof and is therefore more straightforward and less costly.

Cottage dormer loft conversions. Like rear dormer extensions, these kinds of attic conversion are an ideal way to add extra space by building directly onto the roof area of a property. With this style of conversion, the dormer is a vertical window which has a roof of its own and is positioned within the slope of the original roof. Cottage dormers are common with homeowners in Greater Manchester because they help to achieve extra headroom where required and are aesthetically pleasing to the eye from the outside.

Do I need building control and planning permission for a Cheshire loft conversion?

Most loft conversions in Cheshire and the surrounding areas do not require any form of planning permission. This is because, commonly, attic conversion projects do not require any change to the structure of the house itself and, those that do, are under your Permitted Development Rights. These rights define what is and isn’t acceptable in terms of refurbishing and extending homes, and take into account how building plans would impact the aesthetics of your property in line with the rest of the properties on that street.

Planning permission is needed in some instances when converting your loft. For instance, if your planned loft conversion project includes additional structures being added to the front of the property, and that property faces a public highway.

Building control is different to planning permission. All homeowners need to adhere to building control regulations. The building control regulations for loft conversions in Cheshire and other parts of the North West are set out by Government guidelines. These require the building plans to be qualified by a certified structural engineer to ensure they are safe. You must also ensure your plans comply with other building regulations, such as plumbing and electrical standards. If your Manchester loft conversion does not meet building regulations, the local authority could insist that the work is condemned. This would mean you’d have to stop any existing work, which can be costly and time consuming.

According to law, it is the home owner’s responsibility to adhere to building safety regulations rather than the builders. At First Choice Extensions, we will ensure that your plans are certified by engineers and architects, so that they meet Government standards, local and national building regulations, and are within your permitted rights. Before you begin extending or converting a property, formal calculations may be requested by building control in support of an application for approval, which our team can provide you with during the design and planning stages of your Manchester project.

How much would a loft conversion cost me if I wanted to add stairs?

When calculating the price of a loft conversion, stairs – or plans to add them – are a very important factor.

If you want to add stairs into your plans for a loft extension, this will impact the total conversion costs. This is because building stairs requires more resources and time than other types of home conversions.

Our loft conversion calculator takes your plans to include stairs in your designs into consideration when creating an average cost estimate for converting your loft.

How long does a loft conversion take?

A loft conversion can take anywhere from four to eight weeks to complete. The amount of time an attic conversion takes depends on several factors, including the complexity of the build, and the needs of the new room. Different styles of conversion also take different amounts of time to install. For example, a rear dormer loft conversion on a terraced property might take around five weeks to complete, while a gable-end conversion on a semi-detached house would be closer to six and a half weeks.

Do I need planning permission to convert a garage into a room?

Planning permission is not normally required if you are converting your existing garage into another room. This is because a conversion project like this doesn’t usually change the structure of the garage itself.

Planning permission must usually be granted if it is deemed that your garage refurbishment plans will drastically change the look and character of your home, to the point that it will impact the house on the street. For instance, if you planned to build a large additional structure onto your property when converting your garage into a new room, which would be visible from the front of your house and from a main highway, you may first need to request planning permission. However, as most garage conversions in Cheshire and the surrounding areas do not usually require this, this step can most often be skipped.

How much does it cost to convert a garage into a room?

Garage conversion costs vary depending on the size and specifications of your intended conversion project. These costs are calculated per square metre; if you are building extra space onto an existing garage when turning it into another room, the bigger this new space is, the more it will cost. Adding windows, flooring, doors and other essential room features will also incur additional labour and building costs. If you intend to have a bathroom, sink or kitchen space in the space, plumbing costs will also need to be added into estimates, as well as the costs of white goods. Finishing materials also incur extra costs, including tiling, paints, wallpaper and soft furnishings.

When considering the range of Manchester garage conversion projects in 2020-21, the average garage conversion costs work out as approximately ÂŁ6,300, from building to decorating. For those looking to calculate the general costs of converting a garage into a new room, they should begin by starting with a rough estimate of ÂŁ5,000-ÂŁ10,000, and building on from there if need be.

Does a garage conversion add value?

Garage conversions can certainly add value to your property. In fact, 2021 estimates suggest that garage conversions in the North West, including in Cheshire and Central Manchester, add an extra 20% onto the final value of your home.

As well as this, converting garages into another room add additional living space, which adds significant non-monetary value to your quality of living.

Do I need an architect for a loft of garage conversion in Manchester?

If you are looking to undergo a home conversion by yourself, depending on the complexity of the build and how much additional space you’re looking to add, you may need an architect or surveyor to ensure your design is structurally sound. This is important to make sure that you meet building regulations.

Our team at First Choice Extensions is well-equipped to provide this same service as part of our conversion services. Whether you plan to convert your loft, garage or cellar, our team will draw up realistic home design blueprints for you. These will formally calculate your property’s structure, to ensure your project fits with Government regulations and is safe to build.

How long does a garage take to convert?

Depending on the needs of the new room you are creating in your garage, conversion projects take different amounts of time to complete. Factors such as what type of room you are creating (and what you need it for) play huge parts in dictating the length of time a conversion project takes to complete. For example, if you want to install plumbing for a usable bathroom or sink area in your converted garage, this will take extra time to install.

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If no drawings are available, we would discuss your ideas and offer our advice and guidance.

Working together we would develop a scheme that meets your family’s needs and that will also comply with the requirements of the Local Authority.

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Once you have approved the final size, design and layout of the conversion we can start to discuss all the specifications that will make the conversion part of your home. Many clients see this as the most important aspect of the build and these personal additions will provide us with a full understanding of your project allowing for a fixed price quotation to be provided.

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Most clients arrange for three or four building companies to provide quotations for their projects. Three key factors that are always considered are the final quotation, the quality of the workmanship and the company’s reliability.

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